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Contemporary Types of Marketing

Since it first emerged as a distinct business and management phenomenon, marketing has evolved significantly with new types of marketing to address changing trends in the market. This is probably because most successful businesses use a combination of different types of marketing whether they’re contemporary or traditional marketing strategies to get great results.

Business owners now see more reasons to get the best out of the functions of marketing by enhancing their target marketing plan example to deliver more developmental benefits. The diversity and improvement in marketing nowadays could sometimes prompt one to wonder what is marketing meant to look like. Our contemporary marketing world now features advanced marketing skills and an improved marketing mix.

Some of the modern types of marketing are:

  • B2B Marketing
  • Brand Marketing
  • Cloud Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Remarketing or Retargeting

What is Contemporary Marketing?

Simply defined, contemporary marketing refers to marketing strategies that are consumer-focused. A contemporary marketing strategy offer products and services based on what the target market desires rather than what the company wants them to have, thereby, offering greater support for their customers and becoming able to take advantage of more advanced marketing funnels to track progress.

Contemporary Marketing vs Traditional Methods

Contemporary marketing, is essentially just a fancier name for the use of inbound methodology in marketing. Inbound marketing is a method by which you are pulling your customers towards you rather than pushing your brand onto them. This is usually done via a combination of SEO, content marketing, and social media efforts, to name a few.

The main differences between inbound marketing (contemporary) and outbound marketing (traditional) is simplified below.

contemporary marketing 1

Digital is the Way to Go!

The internet revolution has long come and gone, and digital is almost as much a part of us as food or water. How many days do you think you can go without checking your messages or emails? Thus, naturally, the internet has become an easy and quick way to research, reach and engage customers.

There are numerous ways for your business to go digital. There are numerous companies that can create amazing digital products and to promote them, there are agencies that can run digital marketing campaigns for your business.

You’ve definitely heard of SEO, social media and pay-per-click marketing. There are so much opportunities than just these three! Here are the types of digital marketing channels that you can leverage for your business.

marketing channels 

For more explanations on each of these channels, check out ‘Digital Marketing: Reaching your Audience Where They Are‘. As a bonus, we’ve also added some steps you can follow to build your own digital marketing strategy!

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