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What is a podcast and should you start one yourself?

by Asiyeh Attar

 A podcast is a term coined in 2004 by journalist Ben Hammersley, combining the terms broadcast and iPod. The first podcasts were usually radio shows who placed their shows on iTunes for owners of then mega-popular iPod to be able to stream episodes when they want to.

In the last 4 or 5 years podcast have boomed and now count over 500,000 active shows with over 18.5 million episodes. According to an American study, 64% of Americans are familiar with the term podcast, and 44% have listened to a podcast in 2018.


Why are podcasts popular

They are easily accessible and easy to stream, either via iTunes or some Android player on your smartphone, or your computer. You can listen to a podcast while commuting, in the shower or when you are walking your dog! You can get fun and/or informative content on the go, and since many experts have got into podcasting, its fan base got significantly more prominent. You can learn so much with a podcast; improve your life, business or team leader skills. If you need an idea for what to listen to, we made a list of best podcasts in digital marketing.

What is a podcast: listening on the go


How to make a podcast

Making a podcast is relatively simple and fairly cheap. All you need is an Internet connection, audio equipment, and a podcast hosting account. That is basically it, and everybody can do it. If you are serious about podcasting, investing in good equipment is a must and will make a big difference in the quality of your show.


Why should you do it?

Podcasts are a great content strategy. It allows you to connect with your audience in a way you can't do via the written word. With the power of the human voice, a podcast can bring more emotion, entertainment, and emphasis on a specific subject. And compared to videos they are easier to make and consume.

You have a bigger platform to establish yourself as an authority figure in your field, build your brand, and facilitate career growth. Also, you can interview other experts and build connections and relationships. If one of them has a podcast, you can do a guest appearance and broaden your audience, similar to guest blogging.

Podcasts can also make you some money! Even though a podcast can make money on its own, don't expect that before achieving a decent following. With that being said, having a podcast which promotes your business, and broaden your audience can cause a great increase in sales and revenue.


Why shouldn't you do it?

Even though you can buy the equipment in the morning and have the first episode published in the afternoon, podcasting is not easy. You should start a podcast for the right reasons and be aware of what kind of work goes into making them.

What goes into podcasting:

  • Finding a theme/niche you are passionate about
  • Posting regularly and coming up with new topics and material
  • Setting up interviews and preparing for them
  • Setting up equipment and recording the show
  • Editing the show
  • Promoting and sharing on social media
  • Being patient before the show gains following

What is a podcast: recording session

Don't start a podcast if you are not willing to commit to it for years, because you are not likely to reap the benefits of podcasting in 6 months. Don't do it for the money or the eventual fame; you're most likely not going to be Joe Rogan! Don't do it because you see that a lot of other people started podcasting. Realize that is going to take a substantial chunk of time every week to publish an episode and that you are going to need a while to become good at it, and earn money from it. An excellent article from Jordan Harbinger, the host of successful Art Of Charm podcast goes into depth about what it takes to become a successful podcaster.

Do it if you are passionate about the topic and if you feel you have enough knowledge and a unique perspective to offer. Do it if you already have a decent following on your website/blog and you want to improve on that. Also, if you already have some connections in your industry and you want to build your network further. And do it if you want to have fun and express yourself.

Even if nothing comes out of it, you can tell people you have a podcast or write ''podcaster'' to your Linkedin headline!

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Written by Asiyeh Attar

Junior Copywriter at Ubrik Media.

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