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Marketing Skills to take your game to the next level

by Azhad Aliwafa


Maybe you are fresh from university having just completed your bachelors degree, or you are an established marketer. Either way, now is always a good time to improve your marketing skills and knowledge.

There are some skills that you will learn on the job but, because new marketing skills and roles develop with the march of progress, you need to keep up with the pace.

Add the following skills to your repertoire and you will crush the competition!


  1. 1. Communication

Wait, why is communication listed as a marketing skill?

If you think about it, couldn't you describe marketing as - “communicating an idea, product or service to customers and stakeholders; using an effective medium such as emails, memos or face to face meetings”?

Have a look at this article about effective communication for ways to improve your skills.


2. Work Life Balance

Work life balance is hard. It’s like a juggling tightrope act.

By mastering it and applying the skill to your marketing role, you will become much more effective.


3. Marketing strategy development

This would be a part of your coursework to develop your marketing skills, but as a quick catch up:

  • Strategy defines what your company will do i.e. "Increase Market Share by 12%" and the tactics are how you will do that, specifically. So for this example strategy of increasing market share, a tactic might be to contact 100 influencers on Twitter and engage them in conversation getting them to promote your product to their followers.
  • The strategy might be to include Facebook and Twitter but not Instagram in your marketing funnel.
  • The tactics are using Facebook groups and regular posting to engage an audience, and Facebook ads using the data features available to optimize and test.
  • Remember - The strategy is the overall picture (the What and Why) and the tactics are the actions (the How).


4. Basic Data Science/Analysis

Being able to understand and analyse data enables you to fine-tune your marketing attempts by being able to measure and manage the important metrics such as engagement (Responses to a Social media post) and allows for infinite optimization opportunity.


Marketing Skills - Data Analysis


As an example we can see that the blog (80%) drives the highest engagement and Reddit (45%) has the lowest, but if you have more data, you can fine-tune further.

If you knew the time and date, what the traffic source was and the word count of the post; you can refine the marketing approach to get more results at that high level.

You don’t necessarily need to know the programming part, as long as you understand the ways to interpret data and what they mean for your marketing efforts.


Here are some resources to learn basic data science and analysis


5. Content and Community Creation

Even if you don’t create content yourself, learning how and the processes for your company is important and will give you an edge in your role. By creating an online community through the different mediums available, you give customers a voice, and a chance to understand them better than the competition.

One way to build content and community is to have a blog!

And if you aren’t already blogging, you should be: 432% increase in page indexes by search engines and 97% increase of inbound links (Not to mention the benefits of building trust and likeability).

Just be aware that each distribution channel has its own challenges and unique opportunities with the type of content able to be shared and how the community is formed.


6. Emerging technologies and how they can integrate with your marketing

It is vitally important that your business understands the basics of emerging technologies, otherwise you risk getting left behind.

With the development of new technologies and improvement of older tech, there is an abundant amount of opportunities to market your business. Many businesses are already aware of things like smart phone applications and how valuable they can be.

So when some serious thought as to how emerging technologies like Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality, Internet of Things (IoT) and AI is applied, and how they could be used in your marketing, your business will have an edge on the competition because of the combination of different technologies.

In the end by combining these different skills together; new, creative and effective marketing will enable you to become the go-to expert and help the business to develop products and services that are optimised against the changing landscape of business. 

One more thing before you go.


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Written by Azhad Aliwafa

Google Adwords Pro and Hubspot Inbound certified digital marketing wunderkind. Digital Marketing Manager @ Ubrik Media.

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