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A Marketing Plan Example to Be a Leader in Your Industry

by Asiyeh Attar

If you are starting out your marketing efforts for your company, or even if you feel that your marketing efforts need an extra push, you will probably notice that one of the main ingredients missing in your strategy is the specific course your marketing needs to be set on. This is where the marketing plan comes to play! 

The purpose of writing out business plans is to set attainable goals and means to achieve them. A marketing plan is one part of a much larger business plan to help the company grow.

marketing plan example


What Is a Marketing Plan?

This is a comprehensive writing that lists out the actions to be carried out in business marketing for the coming year, it is quite different from marketing mix. A solid marketing plan example describes certain actions to be carried out in accomplishing specific marketing goals within a time limit. In carrying out a marketing plan, good marketing strategy example and marketing skills need to be in place.


How to Design and Implement a Successful Marketing Plan

A marketing plan can be aimed at introducing a new product to the target market.

Steps in Writing a Successful Marketing Plan;

  • Carry out a comprehensive analysis of your company’s welfare in the market. This will include reviewing the current marketing strategies and the types of marketing that yields most response. You’ll need to understand your target market and know what they want.
  • Do a SWOT (Strength, weakness, opportunities and threats) analysis. You need to be brutally honest with yourself in carrying out a SWOT analysis so that you won’t end up asking yourself “what is marketing benefits”. Know your strength and improve and capitalize on them, work on your weaknesses and increase your opportunities. This will help you derive the best functions of marketing.
  • Create a strategy for your goals. The most important reason for a business plan is the goal. Decide your best strategy. The strategy should be one that promotes your strengths and masks your weaknesses. You can put a functional marketing funnel in place to track the trends.
  • Write your budget. This deals a lot with your market strategy. Your budget must be realistic and must reflect the current state of your business and its potential growth.
  • Keep track of the plan at all times. Tracking the performance of your marketing plan is very vital due to the dynamic nature of the market.


It’s not enough to write the plan out, there are ways to make sure it’s well implemented!

  • Communicate the plan with your staffs. Everyone should be on the same page about the task at hand and the goal to reach.
  • Keep tabs on the plan, constantly review it, see what’s working and what’s not.
  • Make adjustments whenever necessary to keep you on track. In case your plan is not working, make sure you have a contingency plan.



Examples of Successful Marketing Plan

These are just few successful marketing plan examples.


Basics of How This Marketing Plan Example was achieved

The article already dealt with how to implement a marketing plan, here we shall see step by step analysis of how AMT Inc. implemented their marketing plan as a computer reseller.


  1. Executive summary: what the company is about, their product and what they have to offer.


  1. Situation analysis- these are analysis that helps set one’s feet on the right path. They help you see the situation of things so you can know how to maneuver your way around it. Quite a number of analysis were carried out:
  • Market summary
  • Market demographics
  • Market needs
  • Market trends
  • Market growth
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competition
  • Product offering


  1. Marketing strategy- strategies are meant to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses. Apart from the previously carried out analysis, certain things had to be put in place, such as:
  • Mission
  • Marketing objectives
  • Financial objectives
  • Positioning strategies
  • Product marketing
  • Price
  • Service
  • Channels of distribution.



We have discussed the basics of implementing a successful marketing plan and relevant marketing plan examples have been cited. Now you should be well enlightened on how you can implement the same in your business.

Written by Asiyeh Attar

Junior Copywriter at Ubrik Media.

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