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Importance of Teamwork in Organizational Growth

by Sheyaf Hashim

Before they became global brands, all organizations started out small. They were only able to harness the power of teamwork to grow into what they became today. The importance of teamwork in an organization cannot be overemphasized. Organizations evolve better and faster when people get to work together.


Definition of Teamwork

importance of teamwork


Teamwork is the joint action or collaborative effort of a group of people with the aim of achieving a common goal or completing a task in the best possible way. In carrying out a teamwork-oriented task, individuals lay aside their self-interest and egos and making use of their teamwork skills, bring up ideas and suggestions towards a set of goals through effective communication. Teamwork is necessary for better bonding and a productive work-life balance.


The reasons behind the importance of teamwork are numerous, some of which are:

  • Effective communication among employees and with the management
  • Creates synergy
  • Teammates learn from each other through exchanged constructive criticism
  • Reduced costs
  • Problems are solved faster
  • Increased productivity
  • Healthy competition among teammates


Role of Teamwork in Organizational Growth

The role of teamwork cannot be overemphasized when it comes to effective principles of management in any organization. Many organizations have evolved globally due to teamwork among the employees. The interaction and corporate culture among team members produce results that individualism cannot produce due to the diversity of skill-set that is brought to the fore, different strategies, thinking capacities and points of view. All of these produce accuracy in judgment and better resolutions in driving towards a goal. Although many employers encourage teamwork among their employees, only few have really come to understand the necessity of teamwork in an organization.


  • Organizational Effectiveness

For a business organization to boom, it has to be very effective in its different spheres. The different spheres of a company which includes customer service, internal communication, and communication with investors require different people in place to handle different responsibilities which individuals cannot handle.


  • Strategic Development

The different teams handling different sectors of a company will be responsible for providing strategies, recommendations and resolutions to further improve their different sectors. This gives the company a competitive edge as they can implement strategies to develop the different sectors and continue to improve on their shortcomings.


  • Adaptability

Organizations have to be able to adapt to the ever advancing technological changes and yet maintain or improve the quantity and quality of their product for them to remain competitive. Teamwork helps the organization to be proactive by bringing forth innovative ideas in line with technological advancement so they’re not left behind.


How to Motivate Your Team in an Organization.

Your managerial prowess can be evaluated by how you handle issues relating to how to motivate your team. The motivation will also spur your team on how to be successful. You can achieve this through the following:

  • Setting A Common Goal

The idea of setting a common goal is to create a link between employees, knowing that they are driving at the same time for the good of everyone. Ideas and information are deliberated upon and resolutions are made towards improving the organization and reaching the set goal.


  • Communicating Clearly And Constantly

A clarity of expectations on what is to be done fosters teamwork among employees. Constant communication is key. Let the team know what is at stake and what needs to be done. This leads to increased efficiency.


  • Building Team Trust

When the employees see the manager/executive as a member of the team, they can understand what is leadership and trust the management to implement their ideas and resolutions. This is better expressed if previous ideas have been implemented and the efforts have been appreciated in cash or kind.


Benefits of Practicing Effective Teamwork in an Organization

As a small business owner, you might not easily realize the importance of teamwork because you don’t know the benefits of it. This can’t be the same for an organization. The benefits involved include:

  • Greater flexibility
  • Increased innovation
  • Improved morale
  • Enhanced relationships

Written by Sheyaf Hashim

Managing Partner and Account Director at Ubrik Media

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