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How to Be Successful in a Competitive Industry

by Asiyeh Attar

Being successful in a competitive industry starts with your own ideology, it’s more than just cultivating an impressive corporate culture. Your creativity and commitment goes a long way. The key to success in a competitive industry, is change. “Change is a synonym for opportunity. If you don't know what's changing with your customers, competitors, distribution channels and alternative uses, your customers will buy from those who do,” And that’s precisely where new businesses with more flexible principles of management have an edge over established business.

How to be successful in a competitive business requires knowing the importance of teamwork and fully utilizing it to do your homework. Define what makes you different and embrace that difference wholeheartedly. Effective communication and teamwork skills are few of the indispensable traits that will facilitate your success especially in a crowded industry. You can achieve success by setting yourself apart. Whether that means changing industry standards, taking a new approach to the business model or offering something customers can’t refuse. Make sure you identify a void in your industry and fill it.


Competition in the Contemporary Business World

The fad of globalization dictates the need for organizations to change their activities, implement new concepts of work and overcome traditional practices. The rise in competition globally on one hand, and the rapid development of ICT on the other hand, are forcing organizations to change the way they operate. The modern business dictates the pace of operation and this has upset the work-life balance of many individuals. All the organizations that wish to be competitive need to follow modern business practices and embrace constructive criticism. Such trends are important in knowing how to be successful in the dynamic market.


Factors Contributing to Competition in Contemporary Business

Rivalry between existing competitors in an industry depends on a number of factors. The factors listed below are some of the major factors that contribute to competition in Contemporary Business:

  • Rate of Market Growth
  • Structure of Costs
  • Switching Costs
  • Concentration of the Industry


How to excel in a competitive industry

Success in today’s business world is hinged on a lot of factors. Some factors are consumer based while some are company based. You should be highly efficient when it comes to how to motivate your team for better performance. For a business owner, 21st century challenge takes more than just knowing the answer to “what is leadership”, rather, it involves paying keen attention to your business environment. The following are vital for achieving success:

  • Advertisements and Promotions: Companies today spend a lot on advert placements, this aids the products to become a household name and register on minds of customers. Also, promotions are very important based on the kind of goods or service offered. People generally like free things so it’s a win-win situation for the company.
  • Proximity to Consumers: Goods and Services must be made readily available to consumers when they want, else they go for alternatives. There must be an influx of goods in the market so customers can purchase whenever they want to.


Business Strategies You Can Implement to Overcome Strong Competition

  • Know your competitors: A comprehensive knowledge of your competitors will help you to know what they are doing right and what they are leaving out. Based on this, you can easily implement strategies that will make you stand out. This can be achieved by making a list of your competitors, and knowing what they’re up to.


  • Know your environment: Getting a clear understanding of the environment you operate in and how it affects your business is one of the factors you can use as a stepping stone. Environmental factors such as culture and religion determine demand, this can help you create a winning strategy to outsmart competition.


  • Renew your image: This goes beyond just restructuring your business premises. You can rebrand your website, social media pages and business card. This will help you stand tall amidst contemporary competition.


  • Gain practical skills: Acquiring and improving practical skills will help you to understand and deliver what customers expect from you.

Written by Asiyeh Attar

Junior Copywriter at Ubrik Media.

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