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7 Essential Teamwork Skills for the 21st Century

by Sheyaf Hashim

What are Teamwork Skills?

Teamwork is very essential in the business world. It is the collective effort of a group of people, a team is meant to complete a task or achieve a business goal in the most effective and efficient way facilitated by effective communication. The team is made up of people with different skills and abilities, but with the same goal in mind. Teamwork skills are skills that people must possess to be able to effectively cooperate and work in a team. The team is made up of different people with different background and behaviors so for the team to be successful, it is important that the team members possess teamwork skills. These skills will help them in putting aside their differences and ego to work together.


Ancient and Modern Business Challenges

All businesses no matter the size face one challenges or the other at a point in time. These challenges have modified and become advanced over the years due to advancement in the technology and business strategies.

  • Financial Management: Over the years, financial management has been one of the biggest challenges of business. From how to manage and keep funds in the olden days, it has evolved to how to properly monitor and increase funds in this era.
  • Customer Services: One of what still remains a problem for businesses till today, is proper customer response services. Most companies still don’t understand the principles of management and customer retention.
  • Staff Management: Employees are the backbone of a business and they make everything run smoothly, but managing them can be a challenge for most business owners. It is important to know how to be successful at managing teams because it help you to know how to motivate your team so they can be more productive.
  • Technological Advancement: Rapid technological advancement, can make some business outdated so that it becomes a challenge keeping up and remaining relevant.
  • Research and Data Management: Conducting research to help improve business used to be and is still a challenge for business.



Differences in the Teamwork Skills Necessary for Surviving in these Periods

The challenges facing businesses have become advanced over the years and so have the solutions to them especially after the importance of teamwork was fully understood. Teamwork is a very effective way of solving these problems and improving corporate culture, but the teamwork skills to effective work in a team has changed over the years. The most important change is technological literacy, especially ICT. Prior to this era, it wasn’t a necessity but for you to properly work in a team in this era, it is important to be equipped with technological know-how.


Essential Teamwork Skills Necessary for Overcoming Modern Business Challenges.

  • Good Communication Skill: Team members should possess good communication skills which include the ability to express themselves properly, listen to others and exchange constructive criticism.
  • Critical Thinking and Problem-solving Skills: Another essential skill is critical thinking. Team members should be able to think fast and critically to come up with solutions when faced with problems. Problem-solving skill is very essential, team members should be able to think outside the box to come up with a solution to any problem the team is facing.
  • Respect: Respect is also very essential to the team. Team members should have respects for themselves no matter how low they think the others are to them. The team leader should also get due respects from other team members who should be aware of what is leadership.
  • Delegation: For the team to work well, delegation is a necessary tool especially for work-life balance. Projects should be delegated to team members based on their skills and abilities.
  • Participation: Team members should always participate in all activities, this will allow everyone to contribute and bring new ideas to the table.
  • Creativity: The team members should be able to come up with creative ideas for projects and for solving problems. Creativity is a very essential skill to survive in the modern business world.
  • Conflict Resolution: Team members need the ability to deal with difficult situations and people. The ability to also resolve conflicts between other members.

Written by Sheyaf Hashim

Managing Partner and Account Director at Ubrik Media

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