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7 Best Podcasts for Digital Marketers

by Asiyeh Attar

The first podcasts existed since early 2000's, but they really boomed circa 2014. Nowadays they are a main source of knowledge for many and part of their everyday lives. When it comes to digital marketing there is plenty out there and finding the best podcasts to listen to can be a difficult task! That is why we narrowed the list down for you. Check out these 7 podcasts to stay up to date with the latest and best of digital marketing and career growth!


Duct Tape Marketing Best podcasts: Duct Tape Marketing

Duct tape can solve many problems; cover, stitch-up, bide together. Duct Tape Marketing podcast can do the same, as it offers a wide array of topics and solutions to the newest challenges of SEO, content strategy, building startups and running a business. Host John Jantsch established himself as a leader in small business marketing, and Seth Godin dubbed him '' A Peter Drucker of small business tactics''. Starting in 2009, John has had many spirited conversations with different successful and influential business owners and marketers. With episodes coming out weekly, Duct tape podcast can offer an inspiring dose of digital marketing solutions.


Social Pros Podcast: Real People Doing Real Work in Social Media

One of the most popular podcasts on digital marketing and social media. The show offers an entertaining and knowledgeable dialogue between co-hosts Jay Baer ( Convince & Convert founder) and Adam Brown (Salesforce executive strategist) and various guest social media experts. They focus on the latest social media practices from people doing the real work for real companies. They won the award for the best podcast at the Content Marketing Awards in 2015. If you want to become a social media rockstar, don't miss tuning in to Social Pros. Here is their own list of 12 best episodes.

Best podcasts: Social Pros


The BeanCastâ„¢ Marketing Podcast

Best podcasts: The BeanCast Marketing podcast

BeanCast Marketing is another award-winning podcast, Hosted by Bob Knorpp. Counting over 500 episodes that come out weekly, the format of the show is a round-table 1-hour discussion between Bob and 3 or 4 industry experts. Almost anybody can find something they are genuinely interested in on this podcast as it covers a wide range of topics in fields of marketing, advertising, public relations, technology, and other latest industry news and trends. For example, the most recent episode discussed the e-sports strategy gap, nurturing agency talent, voice's lack of retail success, and Facebook inflating numbers.


HBR IdeaCast

Best Podcasts: HBR IdeaCast

The Harvard Business review offered great business ideas and advice for various industries for years. Now you can listen to it weekly via HBR IdeaCast. Shows focus on specific problems in the workplace and offers an excellent perspective on how to become a great leader. Some of the latest titles are: ''Ask Better Questions'', ''Leading with Less Ego'', ''You May Be a Workaholic If'', ''Networking Myths Dispelled''.


The Smart Passive Income Podcast

Best Podcasts: Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn is the entrepreneur and founder of SPI blog and podcast. If you tune in you will get some of the best tips he collected in his ten-year experience as a blogger and business owner. What is great about him and this show is the authenticity and straight up approach. Forbes recently named him one of the ten most transparent leaders in business. One of the reasons for that was the fact that he started making income reports of how much his businesses made each month. Shows air every Wednesday and last about 40 minutes. If you tune, you will get tremendous and truthful business and marketing insights from Pat and his guests.


Marketing School

Best Podcasts: Marketing School

If you are looking for a short and concise podcast that offers creative and unique tips and trick for marketing and social media, you may have found it in Marketing School. In 10 minutes of airtime, Eric Siu and Neil Patel will give you some inspiring and actionable advice every day. Some of the latest episodes are: ''The Easy Alternative to Content Marketing'', ''How to Hire Marketing Interns'', ''Are The Riches Really In The Niches?''


Seeking Wisdom

Best Podcasts: Seeking Wisdom

Seeking Wisdom podcast is hosted by Dave Gerhardt and David Cancel. It is mainly oriented to business owners as it covers the topics of marketing and management. However, it also diverges into all aspects of life as they talk about health and nutrition, psychology and success. Seeking Wisdom will help you with some marketing and business advice, but they can also give you some overall life advice, and that's why they are definitely worth to listen.


Digital Disruptors

digital disruptors dubai

Okay so we're a little biased here but our podcast Digital Disruptors hosted by our very own Monash Unny and Sheyaf HashimEach episode focuses on new digital marketing features and strategies, providing you with actionable tips you can use to improve your marketing efforts, episodes also features interviews with different successful entrepreneurs, marketers and influencers in Dubai.


Honorable mention:

Marketing over coffee

Perpetual traffic

Social Media Marketing Podcast with Michael Stelzner


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Written by Asiyeh Attar

Junior Copywriter at Ubrik Media.

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